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.maybe this time, lady happy.

i am boring.

if i don't finish up that math program, i don't pass with my class.
hello reality, where have you been hidin' all this while?
i will graduate.

i wish i wasn't sucha slacker.
least I'm a charmin' slacker.

I'm irritated with my happy family.
dad is going thought his "why don't the kids talk to me?!" week.
'the kids', gee daddy, how personal.
that consist of dad pretending to have interest in my life.
"gra-anna [a mix between both my sisters name and mine, for easy hollering]
hows school going, what grade are you in again?"
yes, why don't the kids talk to you-- - your a regular mr. brady.

i love refreshing relationships!
who wants to start a refreshing relationship with me?

i have loose n' scattered plans on my thanksgiving break.
nothin' set in stone.
i know i have a art day that is in dyer need to take place.

lately, i am a shy gal.
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