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collage essay for english.

i need to wake up.
i blankly stare into the blurry mirror.
it's past six in the morn, i couldn't press snooze on the alarm any longer.
i rub cold water on my face, since the hot water Faust is rusted and press heavily on my face. removing anti-acne pace painted thick.
it's not that i have a bad complexion, rather a pale complexion. I just don't want a day with a blemish, is that really shallow or good hygiene!
i pull at my purple bags under my eye lid in disappointment,
"why did i have to finish that movie last night,
really Judy garland wont take offense to the pause button"
in a daze, I'm now in the kitchen, i shook the tea cattle to see if water in it, i place on coil.
I need to wake up, i squint at the clock, i haven't even thought of my glasses yet, "i haven't got anytime, why did hit snooze again?"
my sister is already dressed and read a novel or writing one, she's a marvel in the morning or a show off.
i roll my tired eyes at her show of intellect, i swear she's just posing' her smarts!
i need tea, i need to wake up and i think you just my cup of tea.
I'd be a determined student compete with sugar, cream and honey - I'm willing to flavor up any black tea into a delightful chai.
plus, chai is healthier and doesn't stump your growth like people say coffee does; i a lady standing at four feet and 11 inches would not appreciate.
think of all the obnoxious metaphor and poorly written pun, i could offer.
"you glasses are on the table, you know" she said in that know-it-all tone.
"yeah, i know" even thought i didn't, i wanted the upper hand in that augment.
Sister: it's the first day of of school.
Anna: senior year, want a cup?
Sister: you makin' chai, you make chai pretty good.
Anna: i take pride in my chai, have a sip. it'll wake ya up and i know i need to be waken up.

end of collage essay due morrow.
freeback needed.
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