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.ala cara.

Which Battle Royale character are you? by liz.

You've got a bit of a split personality. You have your strong, bitchy side that gets flared up when people push the wrong buttons repeatedly. But you also have your girly, feminine side that wants to be loved and protected. By the right guy. Unfortunately, the guy of your dreams doesn't love you back. But he does think you're the coolest girl in the world! Not quite romantic love, but you do have someone that cares. Continue being true to yourself and make the most of the time you have.

i love chiaki kuriyama to her death and yes, that's very much me: aside, the fact im so outta damn shape.

i said, how-do-you-do;
i said, good mornin'.

[1] One compliment.
[2] One secret.
[3] What you consider me as.
[4] How old you are.
[5] How long we've known eachother.
[6] One bad thing about me.
[7] A hint as to who you are.

it's great to stay up late.
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