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.boy, do i know how to waste time.

o. Birthday: july 22 1988
o. Height: 4'11
o. Hair color: abburn
o. Eye color: deep blue
o. Braces: my teeth are cagged.
o. Hair short or long: in the middle- cut lots of dead locks off.
o. Where you were born: boston, mass
o. Where you now live: a place i wish to not be in. Merrimack.
o. Astrology sign: cancer. or rather on the "cusp of leo/cancer"
o. Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon
o. Nationality: irish, italian and argentian
o. Bad habits: humming to the point of obnotsis. too obbessive.
o. Piercings: one time i had my ears prciced!
o. Tattoos:no ink in my skin.

o. Mother's name: kerian
o. Father's name: ...dennis.
o. Brother's name(s):brendan
o. Sister's name(s): grace and julia
o. Favorite aunt: My lisbian anut!
o. Best family memory: We really dont have the greatest time together.
o. Do you get along with your parents: My mum.
o. Do your parents understand you: off and on.
o. Does anyone in your family understand you: ask them.
o. Are you still in school: yes and im ready to leave.
o. Current grade: 10th
o. Favorite grade: umm...this year is a-kay.
o. Worst grade: 7th.
o. Favorite teacher: Mr. Woj and wagman
o. Worst teacher: dufor and newton stand out.
o. Favorite subject: anything art related.
o. Worst subject: Math.
o. Buy or bring lunch: buy baby.
o. School sports: i aviod such thing.
o. High school: a joke.
o. School activities: drama, GSA and art club
o. Popular or what: i have glasses and braces. haha
o. Favorite memory: a perfect kiss
o. Worst memory: my dad.

o. Numbers: 22
o. Clothing brand: old navy wear is so comfy:D
o. Shoes: neon yellow converse.
o. Word: scarlet
o. TV shows: simpsons. sitcoms. My so-called life. daria.
o. Sport: soccer. hah <3
o. Vegetable:zocine
o. Fruit: plums and peaches.
o. Movie: musicals. perfect blue.
o. Actress: nicole kidman.
o. Actor: Toby mcquire and Ewan Macger
o. Candy: andi mint chocolate
o. Gum: cimmon
o. Scent: strawberries and cream.
o. Ice cream: blackberry
o. Color: bright red
o. Season: fall.
o. Holiday: halloween
o. Band: "Paper Moon" and really enjoyin "the postal service"
o. Singer: Jason Mraz
o. Music: indie. Musicals soundtracks.
o. Fast song: dresden dolls - coin opprated boy.
o. Slow song: "how can i not love you"
o. Thing in your room: assortments of asian style.
o. Place to be: starry night - a light mist of snow. [hopeless romantic?]
o. Radio station: static sucks.
o. TV channel: the-n.
o. Junk food: french fries.
o. Fast food place: Wendy's
o. Restaurant: any asian deal.
o. Shape: a blob.
o. Time of day: night
o. Country: japan.
o. State: New York.
o. Boy's name: Carry and adam
o. Girl's name: Romona and kate
o. Mall: "shop till ya drop"
o. Video game: Dance dance revolustion!
o. Shampoo: RUSK
o. Computer game: ... not me.
o. Car: 1955 chevey
o. Music video: Jason Mraz- you and i both.
o. Swear word: damn
o. Month: july
o. Cartoon: simpsons
o. Song: "Clark Gable" postal service
o. Scary movie: the others.
o. Team: dont really care.

o. Eminem: white.
o. Hot: boys
o. Britney Spears: madonna
o. NSync: backstreet boys
o. Real world: reality
o. Orange: cream
o. Fuck: me
o. Bisexual: half n' half milk.
o. Black: white
o. Insane clown: "it"
o. Linkin Park: video games.
o. Jack: black [white stripes]
o. Rainbow: gay pride.
o. Cherry: soda
o. Cucumber: boy
o. Shark: whale
o. Bat: man
o. Leather: tight
o. Whip: it good
o. America: overratted
o. Water: dirt
o. Volcano: fire

o. Rock or rap: rock
o. Pop or rap: pop
o. Rap or R&B: R n' B
o. Rock or metal: rock
o. Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit: linkin
o. Tool or Korn: korn
o. Winter or summer: summer
o. Spring or fall: fall
o. Shakira or Britney: britney
o. ICP or Eminem: ...umm
o. Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie: doesnt matter
o. Kittie or Garbage: Garbage, but i enjoy kittie as well.
o. MTV or VH1: VH1
o. Buffy or Angel: buffy, i guess
o. Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: umm.. never watch one ep.
o. Football or basketball: gag
o. Summer olympics or winter olympics: spiecal olympics
o. Skiing or snowboarding: i dont know how.
o. Rollerblading or skateboarding: skateboarding is so 9o's!

o. Boyfriend/girlfriend: no
o. Crush: yes... sadly.
o. Do you love anyone right now: Im not sure if i can say im in "love"
o. Have you ever been in love: not yet.
o. How many hearts have you broken: maybe a few
o. How many people broke your heart: only two.
o. So what's your significant other like: i'll tell you when i find him
o. Do you go more by looks or personality: looks do get my addtention but personality makes it will me.
o. Ever kiss a friend: sure have.
o. Are you still friends: why not?
o. Do you smoke: no
o. How about weed: no
o. Acid: no
o. How about a little ecstasy: no
o. Crack, heroin, anything else: no
o. Are you a sissy who drinks Mike's Hard Lemonade and wine coolers: ahha, wine is so classy.
o. Prefer beer or liquor: gag, beer. Liquor thanks.
o. Last time you got some: umm, not sure whattcha mean.

o. Bungee jump: umm.
o. Skydive: no
o. Swim with dolphins: umm.. when i learn how to swim :D
o. Scuba dive: no.. i cant even swim.
o. Go rock climbing: no
o. Change your religion: i'll give one a go ;) hah
o. Turn your back on your friends for personal gain: im not that low.
o. Steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: i think i might have.
o. Crossdress:not sucha big deal when youra gal.
o. Lie to the police: if i needed to.
o. Run from the police: run like crazy!
o. Speed away from the police: na.. i guess if i was in the moment i'd know.
o. Walk up to a total stranger and kiss them: Kiss me kind stranger.
o. Be an exotic dancer: haha, call me "bubble gum" and it's a done deal.
o. Walk out of a restaurant without paying: if rude or streved crap.
o. Streak: why not. depends on the weather

o. Best friend(s): ryan. carolyn. nicole..meghann..Tam!case a bunchies!
o. Known longest: brain
o. Wish you talked to more than you do: JK n' Ashley! [need ta hang]
o. How many friends do you think you have?: quite a few.. all i need really.
o. How many do you actually hang out with: maybe 5 tops.
o. Who drives you insane: lies!
o. Ever lose a good friend because you took it to the next level: no
o. Craziest: lauren
o. Loudest: ryan
o. Shyest: laura
o. Best hair: meghann i pick you!
o. Can always make you laugh: the whole lot of 'em.
o. Best eyes: umm carolyn!
o. Most athletic: umm do i have sporty pals? ashley use ta cheer lead.
o. Shortest:umm meghann n' carley.
o. Tallest: everyone. hha :D tammy n' tim is pretty darn tall
o. Best singing voice: adam!
o. Skinniest: hey, is fattest on here, hah.

o. Flashed someone: yes.
o. Told the person you liked how you felt: i have.
o. Gotten really REALLY wasted: yes hah :D
o. Gone to jail/juvenile detention: no
o. Skateboarded: not well.
o. Skinny dipped: no.. my top has popped off,
o. Stolen anything from a store: come on who hasnt.
o. Kissed someone of the same sex: yes
o. Been to a concert: like one-ish
o. Been to another country: no.
o. Talked back to an adult: duh.
o. Given money to some homeless person: umm.. kinda, been conned out of money by a bum in boston.
o. Tried to kill yourself: Not ever- life moves to fast to worry about killing myself.
o. Cried to get out of trouble: yes
o. Kissed a friend's brother/sister: no

o. You ate: a british chocolate bar. "Aero"
o. You drank: water
o. The last place you went: on the street screaming "car wash!"
o. Last thing you bought: french fies
o. Last person you saw: carley n' ryan
o. Last person you talked to: my mum.. like a min ago
o. Last song you heard: berlin-masquerade
o. Do you like cows: ive got nothing againest them
o. Do the voices talk only to you: whos vocie?
o. Are you straight: yeah
o. Are you short: god yes.
o. Do you own a hot pink shirt: yes!
o. Do you like Marilyn Manson: no
o. Did you ever touch someone else's no-no spot: yes..
o. Do you shop at Hot Topic: not so much.
o. Do you remember your dreams: only the out of wack ones.
o. Can people read you like a book: not when im depressed.
o. Do you talk a lot: yes.
o. Are you afraid of clowns: i was a dead clown for halloween once :)
o. Can you drive: i best get on that.
o. Are you an only child: no way.
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